Caesar Salad Flatbread With Geo Watkins Anchovy Dressing

Caesar Salad Flatbread With Geo Watkins Anchovy Dressing

Can we all agree that cooking freestyle is best? There’s something really freeing about being able to whip up amazing food from a handful of go-to “building block” recipes. I love making this dressing as it’s really easy to “eyeball” it and increase/decrease components to adapt to your personal preferences. Caesar Salad Flatbread With Geo Watkins Anchovy Dressing 2 Once you’ve nailed this dressing you’ve got something you can readily whip up for salads, pastas, Pizzas and more that tastes mind-blowing. The Geo Watkins Anchovy Sauce is such a fierce secret weapon ingredient, it packs a mighty umami punch and will add so much depth to your dressings.

20 minutes
20 minutes
2-3 Servings

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2 TBSP good, thick mayo (I used some sexy saffron and thyme mayo)
A healthy glug of apple cider vinegar (I got mine from a nearby farmer and it’s
10g parmesan grated (+ more for topping)
A good glug of Geo Watkins Anchovy Sauce
The Ceasar Salad itself:
A nice Romaine lettuce, kept cold and crisp and roughly shredded.
For the Flatbread:
Top tip: get familiar with the “Baker’s percentage” and you’ll always be able to improvise
amazing breads from scratch!Put simply, the amount of flour you use dictates the amount of other ingredients youuse.So, if I’m using 100g of flour and I want a 65% hydration dough, I’ll add 65g water (it’sthat simple).500g good quality (preferably organic) strong white flour - if you can get it, stonegroundis best.320g Water (500 x 65% = 320g)2 tsp dry yeast2 tsp salt2 tsp honey (or something sweet)

1. Combine flatbread dry ingredients and mix.

2. Add wet ingredients and get your hands in there!

3. Knead on a floured surface until dough is tight, springy and smooth

4. Cover with a cloth in a bowl until it’s risen to about double the size

5. Take the risen dough and hand shape it on a floured surface (500g yields about 4 decent sized flatbreads)

6. Get your flatbread into a HOT oven and bake for 10-15 minutes (I used a pizza

oven in the garden).

7. Add your mayo, cider vinegar, 10g of finely grated parmesan and Geo Watkins Anchovy sauce into a bowl and whisk until thick (but still runny).

8. Slice your lettuce and set to one side.

9. Remove flatbread from oven when golden brown

10. Add a glug of olive oil to the freshly baked flatbread and top generously with the lettuce.

11. Drizzle oodles of the dressing all over the bread and lettuce.

12. Add extra grated parmesan.

13. Caesar Salad Flatbread With Geo Watkins Anchovy Dressing 4

14. serve and enjoy!
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