GEO WATKINS Steamed Banana Shallots, with Steak.

GEO WATKINS Steamed Banana Shallots, with Steak.

This is one of my favourite things to cook over wood fire. It’s SUPER aromatic as it cooks and is a real show stopper if you’re into impressing onlookers with your BBQ skills. I really love the umami hit Geo Watkins Mushroom Ketchup gives to the shallots. There’s also something really primitive and special about using the skins of the shallots as a means of steaming them (zero need for foil). IMHO Rib-eye is the ideal cut for this dish. The fat and marbling is perfectly rich and buttery and really compliments the shallots. I was feeding 2 hungry chaps as we made this and served it simply on a large chopping board.


20 minutes

20 minutes
3-4 Servings

1 X thick cut rib eye
1 x TBSP Geo Watkins Mushroom Ketchup
3 Banana Shallots (halved lengthways)
1 Knob of butter
Thyme and rosemary for basting

1. Flash fry the Rib eye in a screaming hot cast iron skillet (I cooked mine on a wood

2. fired grill though). Cook to your preferences - I like a nice medium rare

3. Add butter and herbs to pan and baste steak

4. Let the steak rest for 10 mins on a chopping board (this is crucial for locking in the juices)

5. Add the shallots (still in their skin), skin-side down to the griddle/pan

6. Drizzle Geo Watkins over the shallots as they cook (deeply inhale that wonderful aroma too)

7. Turn the Shallots over and cook for 5 or so minutes

8. GEO WATKINS Steamed Banana Shallots, with Steak.

9. Serve steak and shallots simply as is or with a fresh and peppery side salad

10. Enjoy!
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